A Seder We Were Hoping For

Jack Dweck

This year, my wife and I decided that we really wanted to have a small Seder – just us and the kids (not under these circumstances, of course).  We never had the opportunity to truly be one on one with our children on Passover, to share with them the beauty of this special evening. After long and crowded seders in the past I used to leave and walk home believing I could deliver a better experience to my children with just our family, at least 1 of the 2 nights.  I’d end seder nights wondering what my children even got out of the night amidst all of the different personalities and hustle and wondering if I even spent any time with them.

I’m looking forward to a (forced) family experience.  I know I can give my family a memorable experience that they will cherish.

Jack Dweck is a Board Member of a Brooklyn, New York Sephardic Synagogue as well as Barkai Yeshiva in Brooklyn.

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